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School Community Council
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School Community Council

        School Community Council

PCS SCC Meeting Minutes –May 3, 2017
Attending –Kim Grant, Cindy Frost, Martha Barrett, Sarah Pedersen,  Allyson Nagle, Valerie Noel, Sarah Hutton, Alicia Mariano, Alicia Gibbons, David Mason

  • Kim Grant, chair, opened the meeting welcoming all in attendance to the meeting.
  • Principal’s Report
  • Lots of things going on
  • Spirit Days – Pep Club –Many spirit days in April  - many planned for May and June
  • Skipping club is back up and running – many enthusiastic participants –on the road on May 5 – Dawnview and WDCS
  • Staffing changes –Shirley Chalmers for Darlene, Wendy McCarroll for Brenda C and Ray Mackay, Roxanne Schwandt, Tania Russell
  • April 7         `Roots of Bruce – Gr. 5-6 – Full Day – Snow Day – who knew!
  • April 18                Final Staff Report  - voted on by trustees, recommendation presented was passed
April 19                Minister of Education visit
  • May 1   Skills Ontario – Gr. 7/8
May 3   SCC Meeting
May 5   Dress like an animal day
May 8-10        Gr. 5/6 to OEC
  • May 11  Flower Baskets Delivered – 11:00 AM
  • May 11  Jump Rope for Heart 3:20-4:30 PM
  • May 12  Dress up as a teacher
  • May 16  National Denim Day
May 16  Hydro One – Hazard Hamlet 9:30 AM
  • May 17  Gr. 3/4 to the Water Festival
May 17  Immunization
May 22  Victoria Day Holiday
May 23 – June 5   EQAO
May 24  French Presentation
  • May 25  PCS Track and Field
  • May 26  Western Day
May 29  Celebration Assembly 12:00 PM
May 29-June 2   Book Fair
June 1  Wetlands @ Brucedale – Gr. 3/4 and 5/6
June 1  Arts Night
June 2  PD Day
  • June 6  Wear Mixed up Socks Day
June 7-9        Grade 7/8 trip to Ottawa
June 8  Early Learning Activities
  • June 12 Area Track and Field Meet
  • June 15 Backwards Day
  • June 22 Play Day – K-6
  • June 23 Wear Sunglasses Day
June 23 Volunteer Breakfast – 8:00 AM
June 23 Celebration Assembly – 9:00 AM
June 26 Reports go home
June 26 Swimming in Hanover
June 27 Grade 8 Graduation
June 28 Last Day for Students
  • June 29 PD Day
  • June 30 PD Day
  • Fundraisers –Elmira Chicken and Little Caesars sales  - Gr. 5/6 and 7/8 – quite successful
  • School wide fundraiser – Hanging flower baskets – for Mother’s Day – 119 ordered – approximately $780 profit
  • Breakfast program  - very healthy back account as we have had many generous people and organizations donate to the program
  • SCC - $1491.51

  • Teachers Report
  • KM club is up and running
  • Many spirit days organized by the Pep Club between now and the end of the school year
  • Skipping Club is on the road to Dawnview and WDCS on May 5
  • Glee Club will be performing at the Paisley Community Choir performance at the Missionary Church – Sunday, May 28 at 7:30 PM
  • Staff members continue to submit articles for the Paisley Advocate – we were very pleased to hear that the paper will still be continuing
  • Jump Rope for Heart will take place on May 11 after school – Kim Grant will contact Christie Thomson about the breakfast program providing a fruit tray for the event – Allyson Nagle will cut up the fruit for the tray
  • Yearbook – there will be a yearbook again this year, Allison McLeod has taken this on this year
  • A student from our school has won the Sunflower contest held by CMHA and we are hoping to have the prize presented at the May Celebration Assembly
  • Trustee Report
  • Thank you to the community and the Municipality of Arran Elderslie for the support shown for Paisley Central School
  • ARC – on the table right now is 5 year reprieve, if an agreement is not reached by March 2019 then the school would be closed June 2019
  • PCSPO (Paisley Central School Preservation Organization) may be able to get observer status for the negotiations between the municipality and the Board of Education
  • Special Education – motions concerning the review of the special education model have been introduced
  • Breakfast Program
  • The Breakfast program continues to do well providing a healthy start to the day for students
  • The bank account for the program is still quite healthy
  • We are still looking for someone who might be able to take over from Amanda Caldwell the accounting piece for the breakfast program

  • Other Business
  • Scholastic Book Fair –the book fair items will be delivered on Friday, May 26 and will be picked up on Friday, June 2 – Kim Grant and Sarah Hutton will look after setting it up on Monday, May 29 following the breakfast program in the morning -  Kim Grant will get volunteers to be present for PM recess and after school for the fair days and for the Arts Night
  • PCSPO (Paisley Central School Preservation Organization) – it is an incorporated committee, has legal advice through Pat Kelly’s membership on the committee – will be speaking with the Board of Education regarding what needs to happen to fulfil the obligations for the March 2019 deadline – lots of exciting ideas are coming from the committee regarding how to promote and grow Paisley as a town – committee would like to have people take down their “Save Our School” signs as they don’t want visitors to the town to think that we are closing when we are not
  • Elmira Chicken and Little Caesars sales – Kim Grant and Allyson Nagel looked after these fundraisers - Thanks for doing this!
  • Arts Night – discussion was held around the addition of cotton candy for the BBQ during Arts Night – Valerie Noel has a cotton candy maker and will look after this for the BBQ – cost of supplies will come from the SCC money
  • Alicia Mariano would like to speak at the May Celebration Assembly concerning the project she is working on to promote the concept of moving forward after the ARC
  • The show “13 Reasons Why” was discussed and the implications for young people, the board mental health lead has advised us not to show this series as it can have a promotion rather than a prevention effect for young people and suicide – parents wondered if a speaker could be booked to help parents deal with the issue of teen suicide and mental health – Kim Grant wondered about a PRO grant for this purpose – Martha said that she would look into the dates for when PRO grants needed to be submitted
The next meeting is to be held Wednesday, October 4 at 6:30 PM in the school library.

Last Modified: May 09, 2017
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