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School Community Council
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School Community Council

        School Community Council
Paisley Central School SCC – Wednesday, May 2 – 6:30 PM
Attending – Cindy Frost, Allyson Nagle, Valerie Noel, Alicia Mariano, Amanda Bonnett, Kim Grant, Sarah Hutton, Alicia Gibbons, Sarah Pedersen, Martha Barrett
  • Kim and Alicia welcomed everyone to the meeting
  • 2. Martha Barrett gave her principal’s report
  • Lots of things going on
  • Basketball Team – practiced Tuesday and Thursdays – tournament held April 3, boys represented the school extremely well demonstrating great skills and sportsmanship
  • Flag Football Team – practices Tuesdays and Thursdays – tournament May 15
  • Skipping Team – travelled to Port Elgin on April 19, performed at PCS on April 23
  • Spirit Days – Pep Club –Earth Week April 16-20), Monday yellow, Tuesday blue, Wednesday green, Thursday  brown, Friday animal print, April 24 Formal Day
  • DEER Program – Gr. 3/4 and 4/5, Music Appreciation Day – Gr. 7/8 and Allison to SDSS, Floodwaters Presentations, Scientist in the classroom – Gr. 3/4 and 1/2, Walk for Water 2:00 PM
  • May 10          Jump Rope for Heart
  • May 10          Hanging Baskets orders arrive
  • May 10          Chicken orders arrive
  • May 14          Immunizations
  • May 15          Denim Day
  • May 15          Flag Football Tournament
  • May 16          Hotdog Lunch
  • May 16          French Performance – 12:30 PM – CDCS
  • May 17          Ducks Unlimited Trip – Gr. 3/4 and 4/5May 17          Red Riding Hood Trip – JK/SK and Gr. 1/2AMMay 21          Victoria Day Holiday
  • May 22          EQAO – Math sections 1 and 2May 24          EQAO – Language A and BMay 24          Western Day
  • May 25          Celebration Assembly – 12:00 PM
  • May 28          EQAO – Language C and D
  • May 30          PCS Track and Field
  • May 31          Track and Field rain date
  • May 31          Arts Night – BBQ, music performances, art auctionJune 1          PD Day
  • June 7          Early Learning Day for new JKs 9:00 – 11:00 AM
  • June 8          BESC Gr. 7 and 8 Track and Field Meet
  • June 14                 Sunglasses Day
  • June 15                 Gr. 6-8 Niagara trip
  • June 18                 Area Track and Field Meet - Kincardine
  • June 20                 Gr. 3-5 African Lion Safari trip
  • June 21                 Play Day
  • June 22                 JK – Gr. 2 Storybook Park trip
  • June 25                 Volunteer Breakfast
  • June 25                 Celebration Assembly – 9:00 AM
  • June 26                 Swimming in Hanover
  • June 27                 Report cards go home
  • June 27                 Grade 8 Grad
  • June 28                 Last Day for students
  • June 29                 PD day for staff

  • Etc.
  • Memorial Cup to PCS – Thursday, March 1, 9:30 AM
  • Tanya Milne – March 2, great response
  • EQAO dates – May 22,24 and 28
  • School wide fundraiser –, Elmira Chicken, Little Caesars sales and Poinsettia sales fundraisers were well supported – Elmira Chicken and Little Caesars sales again in March-April - Hanging flower baskets – for Mother’s Day
  • Review of fundraisers – Too many? Just enough? Timing? – Good discussion was held around the timing of fundraising items - is it possible to have orders due at the end of the month so that those receiving monthly cheques are able to better budget for the expense of fundraising -  sometimes parents are not aware that fundraising activities are taking place, Sarah Pedersen said that if the school can email her with the dates she can add this to the Paisley Parents Facebook page – parents like selling the food items, although the sheet sales were a good fundraiser this year and last perhaps we need to do this every other year as people are not needing to buy sheets every year – it is possible to have a fundraising item each week (e.g. like hat day) and have this money go to PE equipment for outdoors as budget is limited? – further fundraising ideas were mentioned, Farm to Food, cards for special occasions, metal phone cords, no decisions were made on the sale of these items
  • Rural Funding – Music supplies (ukuleles), Art supplies, PE supplies, bussing for Hanover pool
  • Breakfast program – Healthy bank account, however, there are many expenses using fresh fruits and vegetables – if SCC members could be on the lookout for trays that are divided into sections it would be appreciated, when trays are made up in the morning it is good to be able to separate items – parents have seen some waste on the trays after students have eaten, is there too much going out on the trays and then there is waste or are the items simply items that the children do not like, Mrs. Frost will poll staff members to see if there are consistently foods that students are eating or some that they don’t like at all
Water bottle filler – installed over March break – looks good and works well – $1060.48 covered from funds raised - $1272.32 covered by plant department
  • SCC - $988.88
  • 3. Teachers Update – Mrs. Frost reported on the variety of spirit days that are planned, various class trips that are taking place and special events that are being held for students
  • 4. Trustee Report – Mr. Mason was not present to give a report.
  • 5. Other
  • Communication – A discussion was held around how to best get messaging to parents – presently the newsletter is in hard copy format as well as on the school website (although it appears that people are only able to access the 1st page in the electronic format) – the Remind app was suggested as one way to get messaging to parents as many already use that format for individual classrooms – increasing the electronic presence will be explored in the Fall
- McGregor Park – this was suggested as a possible destination for a class trip as it is close by and until the end of this year the programming is free (although an entry fee still applies)

Fall Fair submissions – last year there were many submissions for the fair (almost too many) and it was a very big job for judging, although the committee would like to have some 3D representation of art pieces they are wondering if some of the pieces could be sized down as there is only so much room to store pieces until the Fall and only so much room to display the pieces, Kim would like to have the judging done earlier in June, Martha will check to see when the karate group finishes their Monday evening sessions so that perhaps we could have the judging on a Monday when Kim is available and therefore start earlier in the evening – more help is needed for the judging and sorting process

Arts Night – 5:00-7:30 with a BBQ, live performances and an auction as well as Book Fair

Super Heroes Run – the second Super Heroes run will take place on Thursday, September 20 starting at 6:00 PM – funds raised will be used to purchase a second water bottle filling station for outside of the gym area by the JK/SK room

Next Meeting – Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 6:30 PM in the school library.

Last Modified: May 04, 2018
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